About me

I am currently a Lecturer in Data Science, AI and Modelling at the University of Hull. I am working on the evolution of symbiosis and the maintenance of cooperation between species. I am also developing tools to understand evolution using artificial life simulations.

I was previously a Researcher at the Centre for the Future of Intelligence as part of the Kinds of Intelligence project and the Animal-AI Olympics group. I continue to work on applying evolutionary theory to understanding the evolution of intelligence in the natural world and applying those insights to developing animal-like artificial intelligences though I am now based in Hull.

I was previously a Research Associate with Prof. Rufus Johnstone at the University of Cambridge. I am working on models for intergroup conflict in Banded Mongooses. Previously I was a DPhil student at Oxford University at the West Group.

I study the evolution of social behaviours, such as altruism and spite. My work is theoretical and I use mathematical and computational techniques to build and analyse models of evolution.

I am especially interested in how Machine Learning algorithms can be used as a study system for evolutionary theory as well as a computational tool for biology.

Please see my CV for further details and my Publications for examples of my work.